Aerospace, Space and Defense

For over twenty-five years, Duwako Precision Engineering b.v. has been a reliable supplier in various industries for the precision machining of parts and modules. In 2019 Duwako started the approval procedure for acquiring the AS9100 certificate.
The Duwako product portfolio for this specific market currently consists of:
• Airframe structures (Alu, Ti, SST)
• Parts for actuation systems
• Thin-walled Titanium parts
• Weld tooling
• Carters
• Fuel tubes
• Special flanges manufactured from high-end materials
• Fixtures

Additionally, Duwako maintains a continuous focus on the development and implementation of new and innovative technologies within our highly motivated and skilled team. Our primary goal is to perform “best in class” and to serve customers´ objectives. Our high precision milling range now reaches up to 3600 mm with the highest accuracies as available in today’s market. Furthermore we have a continuous strong focus on highly accurate, high speed milling technologies for both today’s and tomorrow’s customer requirements.