With over twenty-five state-of-the art, high performance and high accuracy machining centers our climate controlled production facility is very well-equipped to support our customers’ requirements, both today and in the future.

Our product portfolio varies from very small, ultra-precision products up to and including large structural parts. All containing a high level of repeatable quality, ultimate process control and complete traceability.

Installed base:

• 4-Axis CNC milling center up to 3600 x 1200 mm
• 5-Axis milling centers up to 1600 x 1600 x 1200 mm
• 9-Axis CNC lathes up to 300 mm
• Multiple 24/7 robotcels 5 -axis up to 120 jobs
• CMM measuring equipment up to 3500 x 1200 x 1200 mm
• UHV and UCV high-end clean room cleaning and packaging
• Vacuum bake out (grade 2)
• Laser engraving
• Cleanroom Class 7 and Class 5